About us


Well hello fellow animal lovers, I'm Selena. 

My inspiration to start Blaze&Co, was in dedication to my lovely Lurcher 'Blaze' who had a number of food allergies. 

After a long search for treats that would suit him and coming up short, I decided the only way to be sure I knew exactly what was in the treats was to make them myself. 

I had no idea how many people were in the same position and were desperately trying to find treats that weren't filled with undesirable additives and colouring. After losing my lovely boy in January 2014 to rainbow bridge the first tasty treat and his legacy was born.


Passion, Doggy Staff & Animal Nutrition

Blaze&Co definitely needed an official taste tester after we lost our lovely Blaze, so I decided to adopt another rescue Lurcher called Fergus from Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher rescue. Fergus loves his new job as Chief Taster and he's a regular at our outdoor events, propping up the gazebo and cleaning up any crumbs left.

I'm passionate about giving our hairy little friends a happy life. I've been working in the veterinary industry as a Veterinary Nurse since 2008 and specialise in animal nutrition so I know how much a good, balanced diet can benefit our animals.

I have 5 cats and Fergus, and as I wouldn't feed them any unnatural processed treats I wouldn't expect you to! Not only that, but they're delicious too !!!


Local, Natural & Safe

All B&C Treats are handmade in our licensed doggy kitchen from human grade ingredients. We try to source as many ingredients as possible from local butchers, farm shops and greengrocers to support other small businesses.

We don't add any salts, additives, flavouring, colours or preservatives to our treats. Everything is natural. We send all our treats away for biological testing to make sure your poochies get nothing but the best. We are also registered with our local trading standards agency GB 108 R 1432.

All this gives my customers peace of mind knowing their furry family friends are given nothing but the best.