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We source all our ingredients from only the best suppliers and shops in the UK.

Our flour is Grain free and made from chickpeas. Our specialty meat comes from our local butchers and all fruit and vegetables comes from our local independent shops in Essex. We believe in sourcing the freshest ingredients from our local community. Each biscuit is handmade – that’s right we make every single item by hand!

We don’t believe in mass production and therefore each order we receive is made to order, this ensures that you get fresh homemade treats each time

Crafted with love and Gram flour, Lambs liver, lamb stock and Free range eggs
  • Protein: 22%,
  • Moisture: 9.2%,
  • Fat: 3.4%,
  • Ash: 2.4%,
  • Crude fibre: 5.4%
N.B. Biscuit shapes may differ from the item's photo.
 Biscuit treats are best stored in a sealed unit ( we use a kilner jar) and kept away from direct sunlight for a time of up to 12 months.